Who We Are
Astrid Wylde is an online beauty boutique based in Hong Kong that showcases a thoughtfully curated selection of cruelty free and luxurious clean beauty products and accessories. We are committed to creating a simple, minimalistic aesthetic, with a mindfulness towards natural products.

Our Story
Astrid Wylde was founded with one idea in mind : to increase the amount of clean beauty choices available in Hong Kong without the huge markups. This idea began while our founder was researching into clean beauty brands available in Hong Kong, and found a disproportionate amount of overpriced and harmful beauty products that tested on animals on the market. Frustrated with the lack of choices available and tired of paying high markups and shipping costs to purchase cosmetics from overseas, she embarked on a mission to bring clean indie beauty products she had tried and loved from around the world to Hong Kong.

The beauty industry in Asia is currently dominated by big brands that keep their prices high and often engage in animal testing in order to enter the market in China. We are here to change that. By working directly with brands, we are able to provide quality products minus the markup.

Our mission is to give power back to the consumers by providing them with more choices, full transparency, and the ability to purchase products with a clear conscience.

Our Values 
We believe that beauty is not only skin deep, and this is reflected in the products we carry. Our selection of products have been chosen with the goal of enhancing one's natural beauty rather than hiding it. They are for the confident, sophisticated person who pays attention to quality, aesthetics, and aims to better the world around them. Our brands have been handpicked for their commitment in upholding their quality, transparency, and clean ingredients.